Micropollutants in the aquatic enviroment

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Separate Treatment of Hospital Wastewater Applying Membrane Technology and Advanced Effluent Treatment (R&D-project Waldbröl)

Within the R&D-Project the efficiency of a Membrane Bioreactor and advanced treatment ranges regarding the elimination of pharmaceuticals from hospital wastewater shall be explored.

The targets in detail are:

  • Development and establishment of adequate methods for the assessment of ecotoxicological, endocrine and genotoxic impacts from hospital wastewater before and after a treatment (analyses related to the biological impact combined with substance-specific analyses
  • Further development respectively establishment of substance-specific detections of mirco pollutants
  • Detection of adequate operating and process conditions at the MBR-treatment as well as adequate methods or combination of methods for the targeted elimination of relevant substances
  • Large-scaled realisation of new methods or combination of methods for the elimination of micro pollutants in hospital wastewater