Micropollutants in the aquatic enviroment

research and solutions



Assessment of options to eliminate and prevent industrial chemicals in industrial enterprises

This project aims at developing approaches and concepts for the reduction of emissions of industrial chemicals into surface waters. In a first step the contribution of industrial activities to micro-pollutants release into the aquatic environment will be analysed. The project will then develop mitigation options through process integrated and end-of-pipe technologies, targeted to the elimination of these substances in production and wastewater treatment processes. A survey of existing techniques will be compiled on basis of documented case-studies, BREF documents and alike. Additional lab-scale experiments will test selected treatment processes for their capacities to degrade compounds occurring in industrial water streams (e.g. from the chemical or pharmaceutical industry). The focus will be on organic micro-pollutants as e.g. included in Annex X of the WFD. However specific industrial chemicals are taken into account, too. This also includes the discussion on surrogate chemicals for certain applications. The work will be carried out consulting with relevant authorities and institutions, water boards as well as concerned industrial enterprises and industry associations.


Dipl.-Biol. M.Techn. Rita Hochstrat
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Dr.-Ing. David Montag
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