Micropollutants in the aquatic enviroment

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Energy demand of processes for the elimination of organic micropollutants

This project will first compile the current state of knowledge and of technical application in relation to the energy requirements of relevant methods for the elimination of organic micro¬pollutants from wastewater streams. National and international experiences on this topic will be brought together by means of a literature search. This review will be complemented by a survey amongst various operators of such facilities. Besides the energy considerations, CO2 balances in form of lifecycle analysis will be conducted to evaluate the ecological impact of each process. At the end an evaluation matrix is to be set up to represent the energy demand and environmental impact of the processes depending on the volume of wastewater to be treated and the operating conditions.The intention is to continue the work with a verification of the above findings using two large-scale plants in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and data from parallel research projects as well as with a design case study for three exemplary sewage plants.


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